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How To Get Any Woman You Want Using 7 Simple Scientific Tricks! – Guaranteed!

How To Get Any Woman You Want Using 7 Simple Scientific Tricks! – Guaranteed!

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How To Get Any Woman You Want

Get Any Woman You Want

How To Get Any Woman You Want – The Tao of Badass!


What exactly is the Tao of Badass? 

The Tao System book is for the most part known as The Tao of Badass written by Joshua Pellicer. It is an incredible dating course that uncovers amazing secrets of seduction backed by a globally renowned author and dating coach, Joshua Pellicer. This popular, bestselling guide teaches men techniques and tips on dating and seduction with the overall objective of empowering them to get any woman they want.ass4

The Tao of Badass is certainly not a guide that promotes promiscuity by teaching men how to get every woman in bed. Rather, it highlights common attitudes and scenarios wherein men fail horribly and, in so doing, diminish their chances of attracting women.

In his book, Joshua Pellicer does not provide cheesy pick lines or shallow tips on how to impress women. Surprisingly, he provides a wealth of information on how women think, the things that get them to be interested in a man and the correct way that men should communicate to women especially when meeting them for the very first time and much more!


Who is the Tao of Badass for?

The Tao System of Badass is for any average, decent guy who needs to figure out how to really draw the attention of ladies and end up being better at dating with attractive women. This system will help those men who need to learn the art of attracting women and attempt to figure out how ladies think, so they can speak with a high degree of self-confidence. This is ultimately the secret to getting any woman you want!

The program is also designed for and targeted at men who are currently in relationships but are unable to connect with their partners and get want they need out of their lady. Josh addresses socio-emotional issues such as rejection; a common problem for young men at the start of their dating life. The Tao of Badass attempts to remedy such related problems and imbue confidence in men that can attract delightful and gorgeous women.

If you desire to be superior to the “average joe” at dating and might want to ace the craft of attracting gorgeous woman, then this may be for you.

Who is the Tao of Badass NOT for!

The system is unfortunately not designed for all! This is an amazing program designed for men to attract women with the aim of having long healthy relationships with beautiful
women. It is NOT for you if:

  • Your interest is to sexually abuse and control women
  • You want to learn and use cheesy pickup lines with the hopes of getting laid.
  • You don’t intend to use the system as directed because of low self-esteem and fear of rejection.
  • Your aim is to sleep around and be unfaithful to your current lady.


What is in the Tao of Badass System?

The system is a bundle of a digital book, training videos and audio tapes. Joshua provides great teachings on the concept of dating in three formats as mentioned before. However, there is yet the other option of direct one on one coaching from the creator himself! This in NOT included in the introductory price and as such you will be required to pay more to get such a service.

The Tao of Badass is written in a pdf digital book format and comprises of 152 pages and which is separated into 10 modules. The layout of this digital book is noted below. The key modules are between the Introduction and the Conclusion. A synopsis of each module will be provided below.


  1. Introduction: – This module is an opening to the course. It is short, as it ought to be, and illuminates how a gentleman turns into a full-fledged hot chick magnet. It also
    highlights the best approach to utilise this system.
  1. The Gender Roles: – This module characterises the association between of seduction and the significance of gender roles. Josh also underscores the basic reasons why a beautiful woman desires to have a sensible, confident, and very decisive man.
  1. Understanding Confidence: – The general focus of this module is to teach men how to develop their confidence that most women truly regard and venerate. In addition, men will learn the step by step process to develop their confidence to a high level so that they are empowered to handle any circumstance.
  1. The Tao System: – This module is a full twenty-eight (28) pages long and is exclusively dedicated to the seduction system. Josh, in this module, reveals the actual tested techniques of seduction. This module comprises of all the tips, techniques and strategies that men will need to learn to develop into a seduction expert.
  1. The Approach: – In this module, Joshua outlines the most common problems that men are confronted with when they encounter a lady for the first time and attempt to build attraction. This chapter teaches men how to overcome the fear of rejection. It also highlights the “Do’s and Don’ts’ when talking to attractive women.
  1. Testing Time for You: – This module is only 6 pages. It outlines women’s predictable behavior of testing a man out as he advances. Josh teaches that such testing is an involuntary system and more times than not, women are not cognizant of it. Failure to successfully pass these tests may mean failure to impress her too.
  1. Reading Body Language: – The seventh module is on reading body language. This is over 25 twenty-five pages in length and focuses primarily on body language. Joshua highlights that the capacity to read a woman’s body language is one of the main aspects of good communication. He also provides the top 10 indicators of attraction and how it pulls the attraction of women subconsciously.
  2. Creating Love: – This module is perhaps the most important section of this dating course, as it focuses on creating love. This time, Josh addresses both men and women and teaches them how to create the emotional attraction that is needed to sustain a happier dating life.
  1. The Big Mistakes Men Make: – This ninth module focuses on the biggest mistakes a man can make. Here, Joshua explains the top ten major mistakes men make with ladies and how to avoid these mistakes since committing even just one of these mistakes can ruin your odds of winning the heart of the woman you desire.

10.  Conclusion: – Josh concludes with a brilliant summary of this amazing system.

This ebook is the first complete system that teaches men from the very basics to the master level how to attract, build that connection and trust, and physically turn on women. The best part to the whole system is that you will learn all these simple and step-by-step techniques at a fraction of the time it will take you to learn all these on your own.


The Videos

In the members’ area, there are 17 free training videos that can be enjoyed after purchase of the Tao of Badass System. These free videos are bonuses and include the following topic areas:

Tao of Badass Free Video List

When to get physical (Video1)

Here is a sneak preview of Video 1 – When to get physical 

What to text a woman (Video2)

What to say to a women (Video3)

What to say if the conversation dies (Video4)

What to do if she has a boyfriend (Video5)

How to seduce a woman (Video6)

How to pick up a bartender (Video7)

How to get out of the friend zone (Video8)

How to get back in the game (Video9)

How to get a girls phone number (Video10)

How to cure approach anxiety (Video11)

How to be more than a one night stand (Video12)

How to avoid the biggest mistake men make with women (Video13)

How to attract women with your walk (Video14)

How to attract women with the way you talk (Video15)

How to actually become confident (Video16)

How do you know what to say to a woman (Video17)


The Members Area

When you purchase The Tao of Badass, you will have immediate access to the members’ area. In the members’ area you can download The Tao of Badass e-book as well as all of the other bonuses that accompany it. It is a really information-packed system, all of which you will undoubtedly find very worthwhile as you learn and refine your dating skills.

Here is a screenshot of the membership site that you will have access to for download of your course and its supplementary material:


After logging into secure official Tao of Badass website, you commence your training by firstly viewing the greeting video from the Joshua Pellicer. Afterward, you proceed to download the e-book and initiate studying. There is also a complete body language mastery instructional video with an accompanying audio format of this system which is ideal for those who desire to learn body language module fast.

tao-of-badass banner

There are several tools within the members’ area that will assist you with the program. There you will find all of the video lessons mentioned earlier, which is ideal for those who love to learn audio-visually rather than reading.

Also in the members’ area, you will discover that the pdf e-book is also available in audio format. This format is perfect for those who prefer to hear the audio files rather than reading the 152-page book. It is also ideal for those who want to study while driving or exercising. The official forum is also an excellent resource section to obtain additional useful information.


Bonus Material

The Tao of Badass is an incredible book. However, what really is impressive is number of hours of bonus material as well as access to the forum where you can chat with Josh directly. There really is so much bonus material provided in the members’ area that it’s difficult even to cover it all in this review. Some of the bonus modules include:

  • How to Build Deep Rapportbooks
  • How to Turn Women On With Your Walk
  • How to Get Out Of The Friend Zone
  • How to Escalate Physically
  • Getting A Girl Back to Your Place
  • System for Putting Online Dating on Auto-Pilot (Works Almost Every Time)
  • How to Attract A Woman At The Workplace
  • The Banter Line Cheat Sheet – For When You Don’t Know What To Say
  • How To Meet Women Online
  • Giving Her The Best Orgasm She’s Ever Had
  • How To Text Flirt With Girls
  • 10 Mistakes You Probably Make In Bed
  • How To Deal With Breakup
  • Ways To Get Your Ex Back
  • …… All this and MUCH more. In fact, the total value of just the free bonus material is over $2,000! Luckily, you no longer need to have thousands of dollars to learn Josh’s secrets. His Tao of Badass is available for well under $100!


Is There Customer Support to the Members?

The customer support section in the members’ area is where an expert client support staff is always ready to assist you. Furthermore, the company of this product provides a cell phone number for members to contact them with any issues or concerns. There is also an email support system for members.


How Much Does Tao of Badass Cost?

The entire system has a starting price of $67.00 with 60 days no questions asked, money back guarantee. It will cost much higher for more access to additional resources if you decide to purchase it. The basic price is going to be $67.00 plus tax, determined by where you from.


Is the Tao of Badass Worth Buying?

Joshua Pellicer’s dating system scores exceptionally well on teaching seduction tips and technique.  By far, it is an excellent course for the selling price given the fact that there are a great wealth of other bonuses, customer support and 60 day money back guarantee that comes with it. My overall ranking on this dating system is a solid 9.5 out of 10!

So you may think should you buy the course? I suggest that this course is definitely worth checking out for the professionalism and expertise that is shown throughout the course. Also, the overall value of the system could easily cost 5 times more than what is being charged.

You can buy the TAO OF BADASS System from the link below and leave your individual feedback or experience with this course. If you have any queries, please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear your response about this system.

Are You Ready To Claim Your Spot?



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